Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Skincare Haul...

I have previously announced that I have been planning on buying more skincare, or focusing on skincare more, and spending less money on makeup. I have to say, I have done well so far. Let's just hope it stays that way! I recently purchased and repurchased a few new items and old favorites! I thought I should share them...

(1) First up is my favorite toner, of pretty much all time. I always go back to Clinique toners I just feel like they get the job done. I use the #3 toner for combination to oily skin. I like how this toner is able to keep my oiliness at bay without completely drying out my skin! It is perfect for this time of year and is a repurchased item for me!

(2) Of course I couldn't forget my favorite Chanel eye makeup remover!! This stuff is Holy Grail, when I have the extra money. It is more expensive but worth every penny in my eyes, or should I say for my eyes? haha

(3) Next up is my current favorite day time moisturizer. This is my second repurchase and I am completely please with how this works on my skin. It keeps me matte as well as hydrated! I can speak much for the sun protection benefits because I typically don't burn in the winter. However, this summer I will put it till the test. I would reccomend this Murad Moisturizer to anyone who is looking for a day time moisturizer to mattify oily skin!!

(4) I was so impressed with my Murad moisturizer that I decided to giver their Post-Acne Spot Lightening Gel a try. I always pick at my acne, and of course that is a big "no,no", but needless to say I have to scaring and  hyper-pigmentation issues. So far I am not impressed with this. However, I must say that it is only because I think it is breaking my skin out. If you have tried this product or any similar I would love to know your thoughts!! I want to keep my skin looking good and get rid of acne scars, but at the same time I don't want to cause more!! HELLPP!!

(5) Last up, I wanted to try a new acne treatment so I picked up Eradikate in the check out line. It is the same concept as my Mario Badescu one I haven't recently used up. I must say so far I am not impressed with the either. I feel that this is also irritating my skin? I am wanting to go back to my Clinique Spot gel! Any thoughts?

I hope that you enjoyed this quick little haul/info session on my new and repurchased products! If you have tried any of these I would love to know your thoughts!

Have your tried any great skincare lately?


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