Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide

In preparation for Mother's Day, I thought that it would be essential to share some of my favorite picks for Mother's day! Mom's are god's greatest gift to girls, and well everyone really. Mom's are THE BEST. My mom is my best friend and the person I go to for everything. She always knows the right thing to say and I truly could not have been blessed with any better mom. I always depend on my mom to be the judge of what clothes to wear and what looks good and what doesn't. 
Without her I would be lost. 
So, I just wanted to thank my mom and all the moms out there for being absolutely amazing!! 

If you are a last minute shopper, like me, I hope these items can give you an idea or inspiration as to what to get your mom for Mother's Day!

Verandas, The Art of Outdoor Living, book is absolutely beautiful and essential for anyone who loves lush and extravagant gardens. I bought it for my mom for Christmas and find myself gazing at it often! Who doesn't love anything from William Sonoma. I know my mom and I both do! I have been obsessed with purple this spring and think that this french lavender soap and lotion combo would be a perfect give for mom! I am a lover of moisturizing lip balms and what is more perfect than a rouge coco shine from Chanel! I love buying my more Chanel makeup because she isn't really the type to spend a lot of money on having 8 lipsticks. She keeps things simple. A Chanel rouge coco shine is the best way to ad moisture and  a little color too. Lastly, I have a key chain from Tory Burch. This reva flat key fob is to die for, and is so adorable. 

Mother's Day is all about saying "thank you" for all the things mom's do for us daily, that often go unnoticed. 
How do you plan to spend Mother's Day this year?


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Let's Talk Pinterest!

It seems as though, these days, the only time I get to blog/vlog is well never. Whenever I get on I am always apologizing for not posting frequently. With that being said, I am sorry for not posting as frequently!! School is kicking my butt, literally, and I am so busy that I barely ever have time to make a video. It is easier for me to blog, which I really love, but it seems as though every subscribed to my youtube channel and not my blog! I really love blogging and want to do it more often, I just rarely find the time to sit down an write for fun not for school. So, I just wanted to update you that I am still busy and that I will hopefully be posting more frequently this summer, aka by May!

This semester has flown by, like really, and I am so beyond ready for summer, no school or responsibilities, and warm weather! I'm sure I'm not the only one? Anyways, today I wanted to share with you a new love of mine...

Here's the scoop...

A few years back, one of my friends signed me up for Pinterest through my personal Facebook account. At the time I had no idea what Pinterest was nor did I know what to do with it. Nowadays, I am a little bit more up to speed with the whole Pinterest concept and I am completely obsessed!! If you aren't following me on Pinterest you should, because I want to follow you too!! 

Here is a link to my Pinterest Page:

Some of my favorite pinners are:

Sarah Belle
Mackenzie Horan
Mackenzie Kendall

& I'm sure there will  be more to come!

So while I am busy doing homework, sitting in class and everything else I am supposed to be doing I am usually pinning too! That is a good way for us to keep up with each other!

Also, I have been posting more often on Instagram so be sure to follow me here!

Until next time...