Friday, November 21, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide: Kitchen Goods

Holiday memories and thought's, for me, most of the time revolve around or include food. My family and I are lovers of food and good food to be exact. I honestly believe my family has the best recipes. Throughout my childhood, and even today, my mom and aunts are always in the kitchen. Whether they are cooking or just laughing and talking, life revolves around the kitchen in my family. I feel that kitchens are where families gather to talk, live, love, laugh and of course eat! 

With that being said, I thought that it would be necessary to include a Gift Guide related to the kitchen! If you are anything like me you are completely in-love with Williams-Sonoma. It is one of my favorite stores to visit and you can always smell it before you can see it! For the Kitchen Gift Guide I decided to pick a few items from their website that I thought would make lovely gifts! In all honesty, most people would love to get  anything from there! 

These gifts are perfect for mom, dad, brother sister, friends, aunts and uncles and everyone! Who doesn't love a gift for the kitchen? Their kitchen towels and oven mitts are of the best quality and come in gift-able colors! As for the bigger more expensive items, like the Le Creuset and Boos Board, they are great for parents who don't always spend the money themselves {treat those who always treat you}!  I just adore their holiday mugs! They are perfect for friends and family and especially that person who loves coffee or hot chocolate. My favorite soap and lotion scent is the Fleur de Sel, its divine. Cookbooks (or any books) always make a great gift, Ina is my favorite and Make it Ahead was just released in October. 

I hope that you enjoyed this Gift Guide!  If you have any gift guide requests just leave me a comment, email me:, or tweet me @MissMorganLife

Happy Friday,

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

 It seems as if everyone around the global has seen snow already this season and I am obsessing over their Instagram pics and their fab accessories and fashion! In VA it is currently 60 degrees and rainy, therefore my attire consists bean boots, a light sweater, jeans and a rain jacket! Meanwhile, I am envisioning a New York City working girl's fashion today! The collage I put together, on my trusty Polyvore account, was inspired by that fabulous girl.

If you know me personally, or have read my blog for anytime, you know that I am a neutral gal and a lover of the color black. When I was little I would not and I mean would NOT  wear black. I mean like not even a black T-shirt. My mom would always tell me, "black is flattering, why won't you wear it"? The usual response was that black was simply made to be worn at funeral's and that is it. However, these day's black is included in my wardrobe all-the-time. This example is not the only time my mother has been right. In fact, the woman know's me better than myself 98% of the time   I feel like black is a safe, professional and fashionable color. It goes with everything and is easy to style!

What is your favorite fashion color?


Friday, November 14, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Her Under $100

Chanel  // Dior  // GiGi New York  

I am already completely engulfed in the holiday season and can barely think about the fact that I have a research paper next week. I am in Frank Sinatra holiday music la-la-land  (AKA my vision of a snowy N.Y.C evening)! It is absolutely wonderful... meanwhile- in reality my homework is NOT doing itself (trust me I have give it the opportunity.) Therefore I am going to keep this short, sweet and to the point.

I decided to to start my holiday gift guides early then year, in hopes of inspiring my self to shop earlier and not wait until the single last minute to shop! This gift guide is of small (only in size not in price or importance) items that are perfect for friends or as stocking stuffers! Who doesn't love hot pink, stationary and papering beauty gifts? I know I sure do!

I hope you will find this gift guide helpful while venturing on your holiday shopping. Christmas truly is my most favorite time of year (aside from other holidays, summer and of course spring)! If you have any recommendations of popular holiday gifts this year be sure to let me know in a comment or email: []

Happy Friday!