Monday, February 18, 2013

The Essie Repstyle: Animal Instinct, Magnetic Attraction Collection! Swatches & Review .

 I am so excited to share this collection with you all! This collection contains some beautiful colored polishes along with some neat magnetic tricks! It contains six colors and each comes with a snakeskin patterned magnetic! This collection is the ultimate fashion accessory. In this post I want to share with you swatches of each of the colors. On Wednesday I will be uploading a video on my Youtube Channel providing a demo on how to use these polishes and some MORE of my thoughts on these polishes! So let's get started on the collection:)

Colors from left to right
Crocadilly - Snake, Rattle & Roll - Lil' Boa Peep - Snake It Up - Repstyle - Sssssexy

Crocadilly - Snake, Rattle & Roll - Lil' Boa Peep


Snake, Rattle & Roll

Lil' Boa Peep

Snake It Up - Repstyle - Sssssexy

Snake It Up
I think that this is probably my most favorite color out of the collection! I think it is so beautiful!



I think that this collection is beautiful!! The whole concept is awesome and a great way to spice up your look:) Getting the snakeskin pattern to look good does take a little practice. So don't give up after your first try. 
Have you tried anything from this collection? If so, what is your favorite polish. don't forget to check out my youtube channel on Wednesday for more info on this collection!!
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Disclaimer: I was sent these products by ESSIE. All opinions are MY OWN. I am not being sponsored or paid to make this video!! But I do like this collection!!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Shopping on a Saturday!

Ok, so the title is probably just a little much. I just picked up a few things today while shopping. I went to Target and Sephora! So I though I would share it with you all!

I picked up these head bands because they were so similar to the emi-jay hair ties and head bands. These were so cheap!! I will let you know how they compare to the emi-jay one's soon!

How cute are these socks!! They were only $2.10 at Target!! Cray. lol

I will insert the name of the two eyeshadows soon! lol

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Have you tried any of these products? If so, I would love to know your thoughts on them!!



Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Too Faced Natural Eye Palette Swatches!

 I recently share a Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorial using this palette. After that, I realized how much I love it and I have been using it everyday!! Crazy, I know, I have had this palette for actually a few years and haven't really used it very much. But I have recently found out just how much I love this palette. It is a great everyday palette that can be easily transformed into a more smoky evening look or a bright shimmery look with defined liner! I was asked to post swatches and I am finally getting around to it. I am sorry it has taken so long. Here are the swatches, if you would to see any more tutorials using the palette please let me know I would love to share!

The palette comes with these cards showing you how to do different looks!

The swatches appear in the same order as the do in the palette.




I hope this was helpful! See you in my next post. Thank you for stopping by!

Watch my Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorial using this palette here:


Pictures & Swatches of my Favorite Nail Polishes!!

Yesterday I uploaded a video to my youtube channel about my favorite nail polishes. Today I wanted to share with you swatches of all the colors along with pictures of their bottles. Some of the pictures are off, aka, the enhancements were awful!! I am sorry for that. I will link my video at the bottom of this post after all of the pictures, check it out for more info :)

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark

Essie Little Brown Dress

 Butter London Royal Navy

Butter London HRH

Chanel Malice

Sephora by OPI Almost Famous

 OPI OPI on Collins Avenue

My Chihuahua Bites

Essie Lights

Essie Lilacism

 Essie Mademoiselle

Gylcerine Hand Therapy in #25

Here is my video on this post!

I hope this was helpful, if you have any questions please let me know!

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