Friday, June 27, 2014

Weekend Reading & Links

As of lately I have overly obsessed with not only blogging but reading other blogs and searching for inspiration. I can also admit without guilt that I am a Pinterest-addict and it may be a serious problem... seriously. I love fridays on blogs! Mostly because everyone is posting their favorites finds from the week, their favorite "weekend looks" and everything else that makes saturday morning blog reading fabulous! 

Since I love checking out everyone else's lists, I thought I would combine one of my own! Let's go...

1. I have been checking this {Chronicles of Frivolity}blog multiple times a day! I love her style and just want her to redesign my life. Also check out Katey's  style on her Pinterest here.

2. Every "preppy" college girl is currently drooling over the new Lilly Pulitzer agendas and I am most definitely in that crowd. I think these two are my favorite: Hot Spot and Peelin' Out

3. I have been eyeing these three pairs of shoes (that are on SALE) at {1//2//3}I feel like I need the wedges and only one pair of sandals, but they are all so fab! What's a girl to 

4. At first I wasn't a fan of #RichKidsOfBeverlyHills BUT... now I am completely over taken by it and I am SO excited for the new season that airs August 3rd! Am I the only one? Besides the fact, I have been loving Morgan Stewarts blog, Boobs and Loubs. Why didn't I think of that first? Oh yeah, I'm lacking boobs and my collection of Loubs is slowly growing... but hey I am blessed to have what I do! You could safely say I am obsessed with Morgan Stewart as of now. More to come...

5. If you have been reading my blog you know that I have been wanting to try Tom Ford makeup products for a while. I have decided to start with an eyeshadow quad. I'm not quite sure which one yet... I really like this one.

6. Finally I am so excited that my blog finally has a pin it button!! I know you're like MORGAN we know this now... you can stop talking about it. But, I'm probably going to keep talking about it for a good while. Sorry....

What has caught your eye this week? Leave me a link!!

Have a great and safe weekend!


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Favorite Summer Reads {so far} 2014

Let me be honest. Reading has not always been something I have enjoyed. However, as I have gotten older (graduated high school) I have began to read more, and more, and love it. Reading is not only relaxing, you can learn so much by reading and I just find it fun to do! 

I'm obviously not the only person who loves to read. 

As I have recently gotten more into reading I have been on the hunt for great reads. I always love looking at what other people, share on their blogs and such, are reading and what books they love. I decided the other day to make a post on the few books I have been reading and still are reading. 

Over the past couple months, during school, I started reading Cameron's' book . I have always like her. but after reading this book, I have not only a greater appreciation for her, but also for my body. I'm not saying I have changed my diet or lifestyle, yet, but I have definitely learned a lot about my body and what I need to do to keep it healthy. I don't see this book as a typical "diet book" because it isn't. This book talks about being active, eating the foods that feed your hunger and your body's needs as well as the mental and emotional aspect of being healthy and treating your body right. I would recommend this book o anyone! It is so good. Seriously though, it's awesome! 

I am currently reading Be the Miracle. I just started it and I am slowly trying to read a lesson, or two, everyday or every other day. This book is so uplifting and inspirational. If you are looking for a positive and encouraging read I would suggest this. It contains fifty life lessons that will help you be the miracle in your own life. I can always use some positive encouragement! I think any one can. I also love reading books from Joel Osteen. 

What book or author inspires you the most?

My vacation read for this year was Gone Girl. WOW. This book was crazy, lol. The author is amazing and the book sends you on a roller coaster. Just when you think it's obvious what is going to happen next, BOOM, you're wrong... again. If you like suspenseful reads, you will love this! My description can not do justice to this book. You just have to read it four yourself!! I am anxious to read more by this author, have you read any of her other books? Just Curious.

I am on the look out for a new read. If you have any recommendations I would LOVE to know them!! 
Let me know in a comment or email me at:

Have a great day!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Happy National Wear Your Lilly Day!

Happy National Wear Your Lilly Day!! 

This post is going up late (I know) however I could not miss an opportunity to talk Lilly! I participated today and wore my current favorite Lilly shorts, here, today. However, I didn't get a picture like I wanted to, insert sad face here

I absolutely adore Lilly Pulitzer and think that it is the ultimate classy, preppy girl attire. What do you think? Anyways, I am so excited about the new agendas and can't wait to pick mine out! 

This is brief, I am currently at work, but I wanted to say Happy National Wear Your Lilly Day and I would love to see what you wore! Leave me a link, or picture if you can, below so I can check it out!!

Have a great weekend! 


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Current Favorites

I am so far beyond in love with summer time. It is so beautiful and the warm weather is great! However, the past few days in Virginia have been hot blazing (too hot for me). I love seeing different products and things that people like and have as their "must have" products for the summer. With that in mind, I wanted to share a few of my current must have products for summer/spring/whatever the current season is!

Sun Bum SPF 30 Sunscreen // This has by far been my favorite sunscreen for the past two years! It smells delicious! It has a tropical banana rum drink scent and reminds me of the islands. It does smell like sunscreen but that personally doesn't bother me, I actually like it! I feel like this sunscreen lasts a long time and is great for being in the water, which I usually am! It is Paraben Free, Hypoallergenic, Anti Aging, Oil Free/ PABA Free, it Won't Clog Pores and is Photostable. Everything a girl can ask for ... right? It works great with my skin and I will be keeping this for quite a while!

Hempz Age Defying Body Moisturizer // This lotion is amazing. It smells so great, kind of sweet without the whole diabetic cupcake feel. It is rich on the skin without being overly thick and slimy. Being completely honest, I think that this lotion is the absolute best remedy for sunburn (not that you should get sunburnt, it's bad for your skin)!  I like the Age Defying one because of the scent and have not tested it for it's Anti Aging properties. I just love the way this lotion feels on my skin!

YSL Bronzing Powder // Any summer makeup look is not complete without a good bronzer! this one from YSL is perfect for contouring and still has a few shimmers in it to help with adding a good glow. I love it because it isn't muddy or orange, it doesn't break me out and I can use if for giving my skin a beautiful glow or for a slimming/contouring effect.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream #13 //  This is my first time trying a waterproof shadow and I can't see how any other product could be better? This stuff stays put and is perfect for going to the beach, pool, or just using it as a base for other shadows. It is a warm beige with light golden shimmer (it's almost a peachy color), that reminds me quite a bit of All That Glitters from MAC. I have truly worn this almost every single day since I bought it. This product is a must try!

Maybelline the Falsies Volum' Express' Waterproof Mascara //  I am all for spending money on a good mascara. However, when it comes to waterproof mascaras I think that going with a cheaper alternative is best. What do you think? This summer I have been loving the Falsies waterproof from Maybelline. It really helps give my lashes volume and doesn't run or smudge it the water! So far, this is the best one I have tried!

Chanel Glossimers #437 (bright pink) and #87 (shimmery peach) // I am a huge fan of the Chanel Glossimers! I have recently re-fallen in love with these two glosses.  They have the most perfect formulation that is long lasting, not sticky and doesn't taste bad. The bright pink color, #437, is perfect for giving the lips a pretty shade of bright pink without being too opaque. The second color is a perfect everyday color for the summer. It perfects the lips giving them golden sheen that looks gorgeous with a bronzed look!

Tom Ford Aviators // Sunglass are my obsession. I LOVE THEM. This pari from Tom Ford have been my current favorites. They look great with beach hair and are perfect for dressing up or dressing casual!

Good Read //  My last current favorite is a good book! I have been reading the 50 Lessons in this book Be The Miracle . It is truly a great and inspiring read! Plus I found it in the bargain section at Barnes & Noble!

What are your current favorite things and products for summer? Let me know!


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day Gift Guide

Burberry Watch // Bleu de Chanel // W&M Tervis // Sperry Top Siders // Vineyard Vines Belt

Father's Day is quickly approaching and I am still on the lookout for the present! My dad has always been a huge part of my life and one of the reasons behind all of my success. I am so proud to call him my daddy however I dread trying to find him a gift! He is sooo hard to shop for he pretty much buys anything  he wants, which makes things hard for me! While searching for a gift for him I though I would share some of my favorite finds as well as the classics that dad's can always use... boat shoes? lol

What are you getting for your dad this year?


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Neutrals & Pink!

Neutrals & Pink!

I am totally and completely obsessed with summer and could not be happier that it has arrived!! In my opinion summer is for cookouts, family and friends, ice cold drinks, fab fashion, glowy skin and of course pops of bright color! My wish list is growing, out of control, with the season. I seriously cannot get a grip on myself! Today, I decided to share some of my favorite neutral products and bright colored products, focusing on pink, with you all!

Glowing skins and shades of gold are always a must but more so emphasized in the summer. On a recent trip to Washington D.C. (about 3 hours from my home) I swatched a few Tom Ford quads at the counter an instantly fell head of heels, I mean REALLY. I also tried on a lipstick and was completely shocked. I did not purchase anything but literally can't wait until I can. The products were so smooth and pigmented. All in all they were just fabulous and I must get a hold of some soon!

It could be just me, or not, but I feel like sunglasses are always on a girls wish list? I mean, you can never have too many pairs. The possibilities are really endless. With that being said, I have had my eye on a few different pairs of Celine sunglass recently and can not decide which ones I want! Literally hardest decision ever! On the same trip to D.C., I tried on a pari of Tom Ford glasses (fell in love) and a pair of Fendi glasses (same as the TF) that were both similar to the Celine and that instantly made my decision even MORE difficult! I am at a loss here. I loved the appearance of the Tom Ford glasses, they were gorg, however they didn't have the weight that the Celine and Fendi one's did which led me to think the quality may not be as nice. The Fendi glasses were amazing beautiful and felt as if they had the same quality as the Celine but Saks did not have the color I wanted so I left empty handed.

The Tory Burch summer wedges, above, are so perfect for this summer. I adore them, I really do. They are comfortable and perfect for any outfit and who doesn't love Tory Burch? That's what I thought... On vacay I realized that my target sale hat from 3 years ago was no longer presentable and that I need to find a new straw hat asap for this summer. This Tory Burch one is perfect but will still have to remain on the "Wish List" for a little bit longer.

Now... for the pink! For the past, let's say 3 months I have been dying to get my hands on a pair of Kendra Scott earrings. I can't really decide what color I want though, so that makes things difficult. Actually I just want one of each color, but unfortunately I can't afford that! So for right now I'm trying to decided whether I should go with the hot pink or a mint color. What do you think? Finally, we have arrived at this BEAUTIFUL YSL clutch. Isn't this just the perfect accessory? It's just like bam I'm a  boss, back up!  It's so fabulous I just love it lol!

I hope that you were able to stick through this wordy and lengthy blogpost! IF so I thank you!! I would love to know what you are loving for summer right now?


Friday, June 6, 2014


Jay and I at Tippy's (the best pizza on the island)

I am currently sitting in the Nassau airport, on my five hour layover, writing this post. Jay and I are on our way home from an amazing vacation in Eleuthera (an island in the Bahamas). Our trip has been beyond fabulous and was made so by great company and a breathtaking view! 

Beautiful sunset at Tippy's

Eleuthera is a kind, fun and special island. The natives are beyond friendly (unlike other islands) and extremely helpful and willing to share anything they know. Whether you are looking for an adventurous vacation filled with exploring or you are just looking to relax on a beach with soft white and pink sand with turquoise water, Eleuthera has it all. The food is phenomenal and you can't find any better barbecue chicken. The island dogs (potcakes) and cats will steal your heart with their charmingly friendly personalities. I am truly so sad to be leaving however I am on my way to see my little potcake and I am jumping with excitement. Our trip has been filled with beautiful sunsets, suspensful snorkeling (barracudas are a little scary with those sharp teeth), delicious food, the best family and of course plenty of Kalik (the best beer in the Bahamas)!! 

My Ocean Palm Koozie went international & Kalik of course
Stone Crabs are my new favorite, so delicious!
Sunset at the Fish Fry in Governors Harbour (the Fish Fry is a must!)
Beautiful drink and a beautiful view at the Beach House
Traveling with Louis and Vuitton is always better (PS that passport was an adventure in itself, don't let your expire! lol)
She was so precious and I just couldn't leave her alone!

While traveling, I have realized how much I have missed blogging and making videos. It has seriously been months since I have posted a video. A little relaxation has done me well and I think I am ready to start blogging again! I will be trying to put together a list of blog and video ideas. If you have any recommendations please let me know! 


I <3 Jay
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