Sunday, September 7, 2014

Cosmetic Bags

I am wanting to buy a new and larger makeup bag than the one I currently own and I am having quite a difficult time deciding which one to buy. I need something that is big enough to hold what I need it to hold but not something so big that it won't fit in my purse! Here are my favorites:

 Obviously my first choice is the Louis Vuitton monogram bag, however I cannot tell if the inside will get really dirty and look nasty after a while? I am in search of a review of the bag and would love to know your opinion on the if you have one, (#help!) I am fulling ok with paying the price but I am just unsure whether or not it would be a good investment.

The second bag of choice would be the Prada one. I have heard so many wonderful reviews of this and think it would just be a good buy overall. The Gucci is obviously stunning but I feel like it is just too fab to put my makeup in. Last, is the Tory Burch bag. I am so obsessed with the kerrington print and really want the phone case! I think this bag would be a good buy because it is adorable, nice quality and a good price. 

I would really like to know anyones thoughts on the Louis Vuitton cosmetic bag because I really want it!! I just don't want to spend the money on it and be disappointed with the product! Please let me know your thoughts in a comment or email ( or share this with someone who can help!!


Thank you so much for stopping buy!


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