Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back to School: Marc Jacobs Tote

It's that time of year again, back to school. Some people dread this time of year, but others often like it ( or like back to school SHOPPING). I was trying to decided what my first blog post would be when I thought, why not share my favorite tote bag for this fall. My new school bag is this Marc by Marc Jacobs tote bag. It is so comfortable to carry and hold everything I need! It has many great pockets on the inside and out to hold thing (such as pens, pencils, water, calculator, and etc..).  It also has cute accents, like the knots on the handles and the Marc Jacobs logo pattern on the inside of the bag. The material of the bag allows water to repel off of it ( I found out the other day when it was pouring!). These bags are stylish and comfortable to carry. It is fashionable but not too trendy, therefore it will be in style as long as it lasts! Which is probably going to be a long time as well made as it is. I believe that even though this bag was a little pricey for a school bag it was money well spent. It is great quality and very pretty. I will be using this bag a lot this school year!
Back of the bag.

 It is also available in different sizes, colors, and patterns. I purchased my bag from Nordstrom.

Side of the bag. 
Each side of the bag has a pocket like this. I put a bottle of water in one side and my calculator in the other!

Inside of the bag. 
There is one zip pocket and to small open pockets for pencils and such.

Thanks for reading!

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