Monday, April 1, 2013

Let's Talk BB Creams...

I have just recently (the past few days) gained more interest in trying out a bb cream. I have always been interested in them, but I haven't ever really found one that I felt like I had to have. On that note I have been trying to decide which one I may want to purchase. I'm not sure if I am going to go with a drugstore or higher end version. My top three bb creams that I am interested in are:

1. Tarte BB Tinted Moisturizer

2.Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream

3. Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream

I am unsure which BB cream I want to purchase. It may not even be one of these. But I wanted to see if anyone had tried any of these or any other bb or cc creams. If so, which one is your favorite? I have oily skin so I want to try to keep that at bay. But I am really excited to try a BB cream!

Thank you for your help!!


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