Friday, April 26, 2013

Revlon Lip Butter: Review and Swatches

Wow, I'm not sure where to start on these! I held off for such a long time, more like forever, on these lip butters. I never thought that they would be worth the money. Even though these are relatively cheap, I just thought that I wouldn't get the pay of that I wanted. 
Well let me just tell you, I sure did!!

My first purchase from the collection was the shade Cotton Candy ( the middle color above). Shortly after trying this on, in the car on the way home lol, I discovered that I must try more! I was in love.

Shown above is just one swatch of the color. You can already see how pigmented the colors are with just one swatch! I usually swipe it a few times across my lips, I am a sloppy applicator lol, so the color builds up a bit. These are just amazing for drugstore products! I get more moisture from these than I do my Chanel Coco Shine balms. These lip "butters" actually feel like butter on your lips. Weird? Ok, maybe a little. But you get the point, they are moisturizing!    

The color pay off is impressive. To me, this is just my opinion, they remind me slightly of a MAC Creamsheen lipstick when the color is built up. Now, I wouldn't stop by the MAC lipstick and replace it with these, just because I really like the Creamsheen lipsticks. But I can see a slight resemblance between the two. My favorite shade is by far Strawberry Shortcake it is just a beautiful pink that goes great with my skin tone. The shade Juicy Papaya is a new color. I really love this collection and will definitely be purchasing more from it. My last rave about this product is the size and range of the colors.   Revlon provided a huge selection of colors in great shades! So Thank you Revlon!

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Have you tried this collection? What are your thoughts and your favorite colors?
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