Sunday, July 7, 2013

A little trip to the lake...

This past week my family and I went on a small trip, just Sunday through Tuesday, to White Lake in North Carolina. It was so great to see all of my family and we had so much fun! Although this isn't beauty related, it is more of my personal life, I wanted to share some pictures with you all! 

Leinwand's was the largest "department store" in town. It was still pretty small, but had some great things!! They carry brands like Southern Tide, Vineyard Vines and more. Those are so of my favorite brands for men, lol, aka Jay<3

Speaking of Jay... 
Here he is modeling his Gucci glasses and Vineyard Vines T Shirt.

The main street in Elizabeth town was so pretty! It has such a small town feel. I LOVE it!

Some more brands that Leinwand's carries.

Jay the model. He is just so photogenic!

My lovely hair day, not really.

Oh... AND the outfit awful beyond awful!!
T Shirt and Shorts- JCrew
Shoes- Crocs

It seriously rained the WHOLE trip! I didn't pack any rain boots, so that explains the crocs.

Melvins', Melvins', Melvins' !!!
SOOOOOOO delicious. I am absolutely in love. This place has the best hamburgers and hotdogs and they are so cheap.

A little 'Merica for the 4th.

My love<3

I hope that you all enjoyed this little preview of our long weekend and enjoyed seeing more into my personal life! I have been struggling with awful internet, but I have tons of posts planned and should have my June Favorites up soon!!

Until next time...


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