Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Little Lilly & a DITL.

It has seemed as if today would never come. I am almost convinced that this has been the longest week ever! I am so happy it is the weekend and that I can hopefully catch up on some blogging and youtube videos! I have desperately behind and unorganized and for that I am sorry!

On a lighter note... I did a little shopping today with the help of a birthday gift card ( a big thanks to Jay's Sister and Parents!) and my wonderful mom! My mom met at school to have lunch at the best sandwich shop in the area! If you are ever in the Williamsburg are you must try The Cheese Shop ! It is simply incredible! Before we ate we quickly ran in the Ocean Palm store and I picked up a sweater and my mom got me a scarf. She is seriously way to nice and it truly just made my day for her to meet me for lunch and spend time together. I live at home so we do see each other everyday, it's just nice to enjoy a fun lunch in the middle of a stressful school day!

I thought that I would share some quick pictures of my day! 

I ended the night much later than expected. I some how decided to film a video which will hopefully go up tomorrow, so stay tuned! Of course, not relaxing night is complete without my favorite nighttime tea from Trader Joe's this is seriously the best!

If you like this quick little "What I did Today" impromptu style blogs let me know and I will do more! I must now get some sleep in preparation for Valentine's Day.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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