Monday, February 24, 2014

Early Spring Cleaning "Organize a Little Space"

There is no better way to describe my makeup drawer better than a hot mess. It was absolutely horrible, and added in extra time to my morning routine of rushing out of bed to get ready as quick as I can and get out the door. I decided the best thing to do would be to and that's exactly what I did! I took everything out, cleaned the drawer, tossed out old or things I don't use and put everything back in neatly, or so I think. 

I'm not exactly the best at organizing and keeping things clean, but I figured I would share a little update and overview of my makeup drawer! I do have a few other lip products in a separate drawer but for the most part I have it down to one drawer!

One of my New Years Resolution's was to not spend as much money on makeup and so far I have done very well. Let's just hope I can keep it up!

A few tips on what I did...
1. Take everything out of your drawer/container
2. Wipe it down and clean any containers and products
3. Throw out anything you don't use, that may be old, or that you want to give away
4. Reorganize and put everything in an it's place
5. Try your best to keep it there, lol (That's where I struggle!)

I hope that you found this post inspiring and motivating to reorganize your makeup space, or any little space! If you would like to see more of these "organize a little space" post's let me know!!


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