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6 Ways to be a good Host AND Guest at a party! {Party Etiquette}

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Let's just face it, sometimes being the best host and/or guest is difficult. 

Being polite (AND fun) is important, but when your turkey is burning in the oven or one of your guest showed up with an unexpected extra things can get a little crazy. Same goes for being a guest. What time is the right time to show up? Late... Early..? WHO KNOWS? 

With a little lot of help from the Post family (and Emily Post's Etiquette, 18th Edition, Manners For a New World) I am going to provide you with a brief list of 6 ways to be a great Host and Guest! Let's get started...

Being a Good Host

1. Invite clearly:
Make sure your invitation is clear to your guest. Provide them with necessary information such as the dress attire, date, time, possibly what will be served and anything else that may be of benefit to them.

2. Plan well: Planning ahead and being well prepared is key to having a smooth and successful gathering. Remember to be consistent throughout with everything from the food to the dress attire. 

3. Remain calm: The unexpected should be expected {does that even make sense}? Don't become frustrated with spills or uninvited guests. Calmly, with a smile,  take care of any issue. Your mood sets the tone for the party, therefore if you are stressed your guest may feel uncomfortable.

4. Keep guests feeling welcome: Like previously mentioned, your tone effects everyone. So be fun, mindful and a good leader. Make a toast to welcome your guest and help them feel more at home!

5. Be flexible and gracious: Accidents will happen. Just remember to stay calm and let your guest know that it is ok. Even if they spill red wine on your carpet and you want to just go cry. Pull it together and smile.

6. Be appreciative: Thank all of your guests for coming and for any contribution they made to the event (gifts or food). Let them know how much their friendship means to you!

Being a Good Guest

1. RSVP: Let your host know whether or not you will be attending. Most invitations will have a date and form of communication (phone, email, letter) in which you should respond by. Be sure to check your calendar and respond appropriately. 

2. Arrive on time: NEVER show up early!! Anywhere between five and fifteen minutes after designated start time is good. If you will be more than fifteen minutes late notify your host so they can make arrangements. 

3. Be a willing participant: Even if what the host has planned isn't what you may want to do, try to take part in any activity they have planned. Be present and not preoccupied by your cell phone. It is important to be active and participate, however do not dominate or be rude. 

4. Offer to help when you can: When appropriate, ask your host if they need any help with anything. Lighting candles, collecting dishes or anything. Being helpful is always appreciated and very kind.

5. Neatness counts: Be considerate and not leave trash all over the table. Remember to be clean!

6. Thank the host twice: Always thank your host!! More than once is best. Even if they are not at the door on your way out be sure to make a point to find them and thank them one last time!

I hope that you have found some of this information helpful. I really believe that each girls should have at least one etiquette book, even if it is just a small one (like this). Being polite and having good etiquette is a number one characteristic of a lady, lol. People will respect you more if you hold a standard to yourself!  

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