Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Lulu and Georgia "Girl About Town" Marni {Print}


Today I am going to be sharing with you all y'all {you all is so weird?} my new(ish) addition to my room! When I say new(ish) I mean... Jay bought this print for me in February and I am just now getting around to framing it and hanging it, lol. I absolutely adore these "Girl About Town" Prints from Lulu and Georgia. They are seriously just the coolest- little- feminine prints and I just think they are so fun!

I decided to write about how I framed mine and some tips I have for framing yours!

1. What you will need

- Frame {I used a 11" x 14"}
-Mat {to fit your frame, in this case 11" x 14" with a 8" x 10" opening}
- The print itself {mine is no longer on the websites, so unfortunately I can not link it}
-Glass Cleaner
-Coffee Filters {they work the best for cleaning glass and mirrors!}
-Tape {not photographed}

2. Clean Frame Glass
It is really important to clean the glass of your frame well. You don't want to have your print perfectly alined and hung on the wall before you realize there are a few finger prints visible for your audience. Been there, Done that. My Aunt (Joyce, Hi if you're reading this) showed me that coffee filters work wonders for cleaning glass and mirrors. No: streaks, dust, residue, nothing. Any glass cleaner will work, unless you have a favorite. Just make sure to clean the glass to rid it of any dust or finger prints.

3. Return Glass to Frame
Carefully place the glass back into your frame, being careful not to return the fingerprints you just removed! Once again... Been there, Done that!

4. Align Print to Mat 
Make sure that your print is centered well within your mat. You do not want this to be crooked! 

5. Tape Print to Mat {optional}
It is not always necessary to tape your print to the mat. But, for some reason, in this case mine was sliding around so I found it best to tape it to keep it in place!

6. Return Back of Frame to Frame
Lastly, close up your frame and hang!

I am so beyond happy with how this turned out!! Ahhh.. I'm literally jumping with joy.. so happy! I chose a gold frame and a brown mat, both from Michael's. I think the brown mat really brings out the brown hues in the print and dresses it up! Perfection.

I recommend checking out Micahel's for frames and mats! They are very reasonable with pricing, they usually have great coupons available online and the quality is great for the price. 

Unfortunately this print is no longer on the Lulu and Georgia site (sad face here) however there are a few more that I am hoping to add to my collection: Colette & Veronica ! I would highly recommend these they are great quality, awesome price and literally to cute to resist! I hope you found this post helpful and fun! If you have any questions please leave them in a comment below!


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