Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Let's Talk Etiquette

Being a lady is not always just about dresses, nice manicures and perfect hair. Being polite and knowing good etiquette helps quite a bit. I am far from where I want to be on knowing good etiquette and was thinking that sharing some simple tips from my favorite "Emily Post" would be helpful for everyone. 

A few years ago my mom gave me Emily Post's Etiquette, 18th Edition. I must say, this is a large amount of  polite-ness to take in {lol}. With that being said, I have not quite read as much of this book as I had planned. However, while shopping at Barnes & Noble, I recently found Emily Post's Everyday Etiquette. This book has been a life saver and has changed my view of taking on good etiquette.

Emily Post's Everyday Etiquette {is obviously of everyday etiquette} helps make dealing with everyday tasks and problems easier and allows one to take on rude people, drink spills and other nonsense with a polite, lady-like smile. This book has allowed me to learn how to set a table and deal with rude comments in a little less than five minutes, which I must say is pretty awesome. As a young lady {aspiring to grow into a well mannered woman}I think this knowledge is important. I am planning a mini series for my blog {over time}, based on this book, to not only provide information to those in need- but to also help me get some practice. 

I  plan on including the following {along with any request by you!}:
1. Table Settings
2. Correspondences Notes and Stationary

If you have any questions or subjects you would like for me to include please feel free to let me know in a comment below or email me at 

I look forward to us ladies getting a little bit more classy!


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