Thursday, August 28, 2014

Back to School Supplies and Essentials

Happy Back to School season! I can't be the only one out there that is sad that summer is over? At least I sure hope not. Today was my second day of class and I had a little free time this afternoon to sit down and write a blog post so I thought it would only be right to talk "back to school." I am now starting my junior year of college (where did the time go???) and, while I always like to try new things, I have found a few staples that are always on my list, come back to school time. 

Obviously pens and pencils are a must, unless you are that one kid that comes to the first day without one, but what type of pens and pencils people use varies. I really like sharpie pens but I have been giving the Pilot G-2 gel pens a shot and have been impressed! I also am addicted to the Target Up&Up Fashion Gel Pen collection. They are relatively inexpensive for the amount that you get and make studying a lot little more fun (studying and fun should really never be in the same sentence).  I also like to use Post-it notes. They just seem to make things a little easier as far as what I need to get done here and there or even just to quickly write down a thought on a paragraph in my readings. They come in handy quite often so I try to keep them with me!

I am guilty of having a Lilly Pulitzer agenda. They are not only cute but have more than the necessities for keeping me organized, which I must say is nearly impossible. The Lilly agenda's are well thought out and share important dates and leave plenty of room for notes and anything else you must keep in your planner (plus, they have STICKERS)! This year I chose the print "Hot Spot".While on the topic of "fashion name brands" I should discuss my little Tory Burch robinson zip coin case. I use this to keep my license, school id, debit card and car keys. It works great as it intended purpose, a coin case, as well. I have the black one and love it!

As far as backpacks, I like to call them book bags, I have always used North Face ones. They have just the right amount of pockets and compartments, as well as good support for my back. I have tried to use tote bags, many times, but it never fails... they kill my shoulder and back! I just ordered my new North Face book bag the other day and cant wait till it get's here! In my book bag I like to keep some chapstick. Burt's Bees works well and is nice and minty which I like! I am an Apple fanatic so my macbook pro will be with me at school at all times.  Recently, I have become obsessed with my new Camelbak water bottle. It is so nice AND it's insulated, lol. Mine is pink of course and I just realized today that probably 75% of students on campus own a Camelbak (color varies).

While I dread going back to school, I have even cried, I know that in the end it will all be worth it. Or at least it better. Hopefully, over the next few years my writing skills will be enhanced and I will have the ability to hide my partial stupidity (or not). I hope that you all enjoyed this post and have a wonderful semester! 

What are your back to school essentials?


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