Sunday, August 24, 2014

J.Crew Herringbone Vest {#YesIDid}

Maybe I am wrong, but I think probably just about every girl with a Pinterest has either pinned or seen this vest! It is literally sweeping the web and social media. I have wanted it for quite a while but didn't think I would ever get my hands on it because it sells out so quick. Thankfully, my J.Crew outlet store had it this year and I was able to score it on sale!

I am beyond excited to have the herringbone vest and have been thinking about purchasing another one. I really love the other more classic shades but I really feel like I need the camouflage one! What are your thoughts on the camo vest {it's on sale for $78}? I can not distinguish if it is more fashionista or more redneck hunter-ish?

This vest makes me a little tiny bit excited for fall. But let's face it, I do NOT want school to start or the weather to turn cold. Can summer please just stay forever? Even though I love the holiday's I dread January, February, March and April. They are just boring, cold, rainy and lifeless.  So for those reasons I am doing my best to not wish away summer and beautiful weather. 

I can't wait to style my new vest! I am interested to see how other people are styling it! As soon as I wear it and put it together a few ways I will be sure to share! I hope everyone is having a great "Back To School" and is well!

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