Thursday, September 13, 2012

Clarisonic: "Mia 2"

         Lately I have been having more trouble than usual with my acne. So, today I was thinking about what my next trial product would be to use to get rid of my acne and I thought why not do a blog post on my Clarisonic.
"Pink Mia 2"

First off, I wanted to say that I am not a dermatologist in anyway, nor am I trying to be one. (lol) But I just wanted to share how much I love my clarisonic with you guys! I have struggled with acne since I first became a teen, but the past two years have been significantly different. Two years ago my acne became really, REALLY, bad. I went to a dermatologist to try to find a cure. They put me on acne medication that worked great. After a year I decided that I couldn’t be that bad, so I stopped taking it. Needless to say, IT IS THAT BAD:( So for the past three months I have tried many different systems and cleansers trying to find one that works for me. None of them do. So I have an appointment with a different dermatologist in October and hopefully they will be able to help me. 

Now, this isn’t one of those remarkable stories where I am going to tell you that the Clarisonic completely cleared my acne because it didn’t. But, after using this gadget since this past Christmas and a little before, I can honestly say that I love it! My Mia makes my face feel so clean! I know they are expensive, but to me, it is absolutely, positively, completely worth the money! This is like a mini at-home facial that is easy to use and takes minimal time. In all honesty, after using my Clarisonic, washing my face with my hands seems to leave my face dirty and oily. There is NOTHING like the feeling that this will leave on your skin. I have really oily skin and this makes it feel amazing. My skins does not feel oily at all, it is not dry, it feels tight, and really clean. I love it. I recommend this to anyone. It cleans deep into the skin to help remove any little trace of makeup or dirt. It can prevent acne caused by trapped dirt in pores, but I wouldn't say that it will clear hormonal acne or anything like that.

The only problem that I have discovered with the Clarisonic is that sometimes, if my acne is really bad and I use it morning and night day after day, my skin an become a little sensitive and burn. That’s the only problem though.

Some important facts about the Clarisonic that I didn’t know for a long time are
1.) Even if you are using cleanser on your brush and/or face every time you use it, it is still      important to use soap to wash the brush in between washing your face. Bacteria can be on the brush and then applied back to the face. I use scent free soap or sometimes my cleanser, just something to clean the brush.
2.) Also, it is very important to replace your brush head after three months!

Acne Head Brush
My nail color is OPI : Lincoln Park After Dark

I recently purchased the “Acne Head” for my Clarisonic. I have not seen a significant difference in my face since the change. This brush is softer than the normal one and is more gentle on my skin and  problem areas.

I have found that I need to wash my face using my hands first to remove all of my makeup and then use my Clarisonic to clean deep into my pores!

I purchased my Mia 2 Clarisonic at Nordstrom 
P.S. - If you have found any Acne Cleansing Systems or spot treatment (anything that has helped you with acne), please leave a comment for me telling me what it is so I can try it out!

Thanks for reading!

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