Thursday, March 7, 2013

My New Workspace

Mid last week I decided that my little old vanity/desk was too SMALL for my work space. My mom and I were talking about what I could use and how buying a new desk was expensive, and I just didn't want to go that route right now. Then, she remember this old farm table she had in the garage. At first I was a little, well let's just say "not so fond" of the idea. But I really love the way everything came together. Once I saw the table I knew it would be perfect and so it was <3
Here are a few pictures of the table BEFORE:

Then I filled it with a lamp, my bamboo plant, and mirrored box, pictures and other fun decorations to make it my perfect, personalized desk!
So this is the AFTER:

I love this mirrored box. It is a fab little accessory and I now use it to store post-it notes and other little odds and ends! Also, these little candles smell AMAZING! I get them at a local store, Season, (which I absolutely adore)!

My beautiful bamboo plant that I received for my birthday from Jay's sister and her boyfriend ( Thank you Robyn and David!) lol. I just love this plant! I love how clean it looks and I don't even know, I just LOVE it:)

I have a picture of my mom and I (throwback!), pen/pencil holder from T.J. Maxx, stapler, cute little lamp of my mothers, and my Liily agenda!

For my printer, I just sat this wicker box on top to store extra paper and things of that nature.

Overall I love my new workspace. Whether I am blogging, doing homework or just looking out the window at the beautiful view, I will now be able to spend my wonderful time at my desk comfortably! A big thank you to my mommy who helped me set this up :)

Thank you all for stopping by! I would love to know what you think of this desk idea in a comment:)



  1. Very organized and clean looking. I am obsessed with that chair!!

    1. Thank you! I love the chair too :) It was also an old chair of my moms that we had recovered! lol

  2. What a beautiful space where you can feel both relaxed and productive!

  3. There's really more in simplicity! I like the idea of having a window in front of your working area. It's conducive to work in a bright space. Also, natural light creates a positive mood which awakens the best in you. You should have blinds or curtains there though in case there's too much light.

    -Metro Office