Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lauren Conrad's Beauty & Style Books!!

Yesterday Lauren Conrad's Beauty Book was released for sale! Of course, I had to go buy it because I absolutely LOVE her Style Book! I haven't yet been able to put down the Beauty book, I just read it and then read over what I already read! It is amazing (well at least I think so). I thought I would do this blog post to share with you a little information about each book and why I love them!

Left: Beauty
Right: Style
(obviously lol)
 The first book that I purchased was the Lauren Conrad "Style" book. I instantly fell in love. This book is great if you are just getting interested in fashion or even if you love fashion already! It contains Lauren's favorite fashion tips and ideas on everything from clothes to accessories to beauty. Although this book contains beauty information, it is no where near what is in her "Beauty" book.

 This book contains many things, such as:
How to build a wardrobe.
Information about t-shirtsand jeans and how to care for them correctly.
How to be a good shopper, when to spend and when to save.
Organizing, Cleaning, and Maintaing your closet.
Closet must-haves  (basic wardrobe essentials).
How to accessorize and with what outfit. 
How to pair things together.
Information on makeup and hair.
How to pack clothing and what to pack.
What is appropriate for school and work and how to make it look good.
How to dress for events and parties.
& tons more!

I absolutely love beauty, but  if you decide you only want to buy one of these books, I would purchase the style book. Because it provides tons of information of fashion and some on beauty and hair. Where as the beauty book mostly focuses on just beauty ( skincare, makeup, hair, etc..).

But this is my favorite...

Isn't the cover beautiful?

The Beauty book is with out a doubt amazing! It contains so many tips and tricks on beauty and hair.  I love it. Lauren explains the importance of skincare and how makeup can only do so much. That in order to have a beautiful complexion one must take care of their skin by using good skincare and good practices. She also tells the importance of exercise and eating right on how it can effect your skin. Lauren tells about her diet and her exercise and how to relax and get better sleep. I love reading things on health and beauty because those are things I need to improve on. As shown in the pictures above, she gives step by step " how to tutorials" on makeup nail care, hair styling, and more. She not only shares how to use products such as polish makeup, and hair gels and tools to make things look nice. But, she also tells how to make your skin, hair, and nails healthy. I also photographed the page where she explains important "beauty vitamins" and where you can find them. I am just really loving these books!

These two books are great for all ages. They share classy fashion and beauty tips along with organizational methods and health. I think she should write a Lauren Conrad "Health" book! That would be great! Lauren is one of my fashion icons. I love simple yet elegant beauty and fashion. She is very girly and beautiful! These books have helped me and continue to help me! I will be on the look out for other great books like this! Be sure to check out these books along with her website for other great tips and ideas!

I hope that you enjoyed this post!

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