Monday, July 6, 2015

4th of July Weekend Recap

 I hope you and a wonderful weekend and a wonderful holiday if you celebrated the American Independence Day! 

I had the most wonderful time with my family celebrating our freedom with burgers on the grill! You might know that my family has owned a restaurant, for quite some time, and therefore we usually spend all of your holiday's there. However, they just recently sold that business and this was our first weekend, and holiday, off! I feel so blessed to have been able to spend this holiday with my family. 

Jay's family was there, my aunt that lives in South Carolina was in town and the rain held off long enough for us to get in a game of corn hole and grill the food! There is nothing more that I love then being with all of my family. Although they weren't all there, it was still nice to see a good majority! Jay and I are so blessed to have such wonderful families that really love each other! 

So today I wanted to share a few pictures from the holiday! I have a few more, but for privacy reasons I figured I would leave some out [I'm not sure everyone else want's there face on the internet, lol]. I am getting better about taking pictures, however I never got an OOTD! Lame, I know but I'm working on it, haha! 

I love hydrangeas and these made for such a pretty centerpiece for our table! Also, I am slightly very obsessed with the fern, brick and white trim combo! I just love it!

How cute is this chubby little bug? He is spoiled rotten and looked so handsome in his American Flag collar. However, I could be skewed because he is my baby! lol

I really don't have many pictures of Jay and I, so this one is for the books! I love this guy!

I'm not sure if I have posted any pictures of my parents on here yet, but this is my mama and daddy! They are the best and I will be forever thankful for them!

What is the 4th of July with out explosives? Since we didn't have any fireworks, sparkles had to do! I will say that Essie's Fiji polish is not pretty once burnt, my poor thumb is still in recovery #horrific! Jay's sister, Robyn, took some really cool pictures of the sparklers in the dark!

Lastly, my go-to dessert a Banana Split Brownie Pizza! For the holiday, we added some blueberries and decorated it as an American Flag! This is so delicious and super easy to make. If you would like a post of the recipe just let me know, I would love the opportunity to make it.. so I can EAT it! [haha]

I hope you enjoyed getting a peek into my holiday weekend with my family. I am off to get a head start on this week. My new website is getting close to finish and so I am trying to get things in order for it's debut!

More on that to come later!

Happy Monday, How did you spend your weekend?!


  1. You and Jay are so cute! Literally relationship goals. That brownie pizza looks delicious!
    Glad you had a great holiday weekend!

    1. Awww, thank you so much Erica! He is the best! The brownie pizza is my favorite dessert! I hope you had a great holiday weekend!