Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Louis Vuitton Initials Monogram Belt

We already know I am all about the accessories, but OMG… How gorgeous is this belt?

I am basically content on the fact that I do not ever need to purchase another belt and I can simply, get rid of all of my other belts. I am so excited to share this new piece of my closet with you! I feel so blessed to be fortunate enough to have nice quality “things” and I would much rather have one timeless piece than many trendy items.

I cannot stress enough to you how important it is to select your wardrobe carefully, and search for classic pieces. Over the years, I have spent so much money, and time, on trendy clothing and accessories. Let me tell you…

They just don't last.

Anyways, I wanted to introduce this piece to you, because I know I will probably be featuring it quite often, in upcoming posts! I find saving money for investment pieces to be thrilling- if there is such a thing? 

Are you currently saving for any investment pieces to add to your closet?


Louis Vuitton Initials Monogram Belt-Monogram Canvas here

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