Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Five: Life, What's Coming, New Site, Questions + More

It is Friday, yet again and I have been completely absent this week! I am sorry for not posting this week, however I have been working on some posts for my new site, that should be up a running very soon! I am so excited for it to be ready and I am trying to plan some posts for when it is ready, so that way I can just jump right into my new site!

If you have any requests for posts, or anything, just let me know in a comment or email! I honestly am over the moon about my rebrand and can't wait to share it with you! It has been so hard to not take screenshots and post them, and just share all of the details. However, I wanted it to be somewhat surprising, I am have had to keep somethings secret!

Anyways, for this week's Friday Five, I am just planning to ask lot's of question in hope to get some feed back from YOU! So let's just get right into it!

Blog Planner
Since I have been planning and prepping for my new site launch, I have been trying to get together some upcoming posts, as previously mentioned, and I have realized just how much I need a blog planner. I wanted to ask you, if you use a blog planner which one you use or which is your favorite? With the fall school semester quickly approaching, our house building, the new site, wedding planning and so much more, I am wondering how I am going to keep everything straight?! & not pull my hair out, [LOL.] So I have been looking into getting a blog planner but I was just curious which route is the best to go. How do you plan for your blog?

I promise Jay and I's engagement photo's will be up soon! I am trying to hold out for the new site, just because they will look so much better on that [and even go with the new theme!] I am so beyond excited, I literally just can't hold it all in! I have been sneaking a few pictures in on my Instagram, so if you don't follow me you should do that HERE. I have also been looking into fun little decor pieces, jewelry and other things, because I am so excited that I AM GETTING MARRIED!! One of which, is the Mrs. Box, but I just can't pick a color! Which is your fave and what are your wedding obsessions?

Back To School
I seriously don't even want to think about join back to school. #notmyfavoritething However, I do love reading Back To school blog posts, so I was curious if that would be something that you would be interested in seeing? Along those lines, since I am a commuter student, I'm not so familiar with dorm life. So, I have been considering trying to get someone to do a guest post on my new site! If you would be interested in doing that, please email me at

Food + Home
I decided to combine Food and Home [#4 and #5] into one. I am going to be incorporating more home and food posts into my new site and I can't wait to share them. Jay and I are currently in the long process of building a house and I want to take you along with the journey and share lot's of pictures and tips! I also love to cook, so I would really love to share some of my favorite family recipes me you! 

I hope that these interest you and any feedback you can give me will be greatly appreciated! Jay and I are having a date night tonight to see the Minion Movie [#littlekidsatheart] and I am so excited, LOL! Have you seen it yet?!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I am so excited to see your new site! These are also great questions... I am kind of in the same boat as you actually. I do not currently use a blog planner but need to start as well. I also am getting married (eek!)... congrats!! So excited for you! Just discovering the Mr Box thing now... Love it. Following you on Instagram now :) xoxo Alexis

    1. Alexis,
      Ahhh that is so exciting!! I can't wait to read your blog and follow you back! This is such an exciting time! I feel like I'm still catching up to all of the "Future Mrs." accessories and details! Have you began planning your wedding? I could really use some tips, LOL! Thanks for stopping by:)

  2. Seriously! You are the cutest! :-) I am so thrilled about your new site, it is going to be awesome!! & As for blog planners I suggest the one by Heart & Arrow, love it because it really allows you to process when to post on your blog and if you have shared it with social media. Definitely check it out! Also if you are switching to word press, I highly recommend the editorial calendar (Life Changer)! Also how was the bloom workshop? I am so interested in going to one? Just curious how it went? Anyways, can't wait to see the engagement pictures! <3

    xoxo Carmen Renee