Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Latest Hair Obsession...

Recently I had the opportunity to try out these Indie Hair products and I am so excited to share with you my thoughts and opinions on these. The fragrance of these products is amazing and so is the quality. Now, if you watch my youtube channel or follow my blog you probably know that I am not great with describing scents. But, I’m going to give it my best shot just because I love the scents of these products! The packaging of the products is so fun and edgy. It really inspires me to have fun with my hair and try something different!


My favorite product out of this roundup is the Hair Spray. The hold of the spray is so... un like no other. It is strong holding without being too stiff. I usually like a strong hold hair spray so that I can brush through my hair after the final spray. This spray does not require extra “working through.” When you spray it, it holds without getting “crunchy.” The smell of this products is very fresh, it reminds me a bit of Sprite? Which is odd, but very clean. This is a great hair spray with added bonus of being pink! Love.


My second favorite product is definitely this Gel. I have not ever really been a big fan of hair gel, just because I have straight hair so I never really “scrunched” my hair or needed to use gel. The only time I used gel was before my mom braided my hair when I was little. So the next day I could have wavy hair. I have been playing around with this product and trying it different ways. I have found that it is very universal and can be used many different ways. It does provide strong hold for if you were braiding your hair or need a good strong hold for a certain "do." The way that I have been using this the most, is when I curl my hair. I use my curling wand and and the hair spray to curl my hair. On days that I want a less polished/ more relaxed look I added a pump or two ( a little goes a long way) to my hands, rub together, and work it through my hair. I find that this gives a more bed head, tousled look to my hair. I really love it, especially for summer time. I think that it gives a nice beach wave look. The one thing that I did find surprising is the this gel does not dry to crunchy either, which I love! That way I can use it for the beach wave effect! Now, on to the smell. It seems to have a very summery watermelon type smell, which I enjoy. This product has my favorite scent of all three!


The last product is the Powder (dry shampoo). This is sort of a new area for me. Although I am a long time user of dry shampoo, I have never used one that is powder or not a spray. I have to say that I am not a fan of the scent of this product. It just does not appeal to me. However the product is nice. I think that this would be best or someone with an extra oily scalp. It soaks up oil very quickly and well. One of my favorite things about this product is how it feels when you apply it to the scalp. It feels very cooling and refreshing. It is very "dry" though. Which is what most people look for in a dry shampoo. Although I'm not crazy about the smell I do like the product and would recommend it.

I have been using these products everyday since I received them. I have formed quite a little "routine" that I wanted to share with you on how I like to use them. First I wanted to give you a little background on my hair. My scalp is oily and I would say my ends are pretty dry (due to the recent ombre).

Day 1: I wash my hair and blow dry or let it air dry. I usually wear my hair straight this day. I spray with hair spray and pin in back or just leave it down.
Day 2: I start off with the dry shampoo powder to soak up the oil and then I continue by curling and spraying with hair spray. 
Day 3: I once again start off with the powder. If I have a good amount of curl left I skip right to the gel. But if not I fix any needed spots with an iron and them move to gel. I work the gel through my hair to create a beach styled hair look!

I really love how I can use these products together to create numerous easy looks! I am so thankful that I was able to try these products and I can't wait to get my hands on their other products! The products are currently sold in Salons only. The Salon Locator will be up soon on their website so you can find a salon close to you! I hope that you found this review helpful and informative. If you have any question's please feel free to leave them in a comment below or tweet me them @MissMorganLife.

You can also check out other Indie Hair Products on their HERE!

Thank you for stopping by!


**Disclaimer-  I did receive these products for free. All opinions shared in this post are my own. I am not being paid in any way. I am very thankful for the opportunity to review these products. **

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