Thursday, May 30, 2013

My Favorites: Foundation Brush, F80 Flat Top Kabuki from Sigma

*This post contains affiliate links. I am not being paid to post this. I paid for this brush with my own money. It was not sent to me for free.*

Today I thought that I would share my next "My Favorite" post with you all! So if you can't already tell by the title of the post I am going to be sharing my favorite make up brush and why it is my favorite! So if you want to know why I really like this brush just keep on reading! ha

I was thinking that it would first be good to tell you how long I have owned this brush. But then I got to thinking and I'm not really sure how long I have had it?! I'm thinking around two and a half to three years! Let me first just tell you that the quality of this Sigma brush is amazing. It is strong and durable which is something that I look for in a brush. Although it is ideal to take good care of your brushes because they are, or at least to me, investments. That is if you treat them right! I however can sometimes, that is sometimes, be rough on my brushes when using them and cleaning them. Sigma brushes don't budge. This is so soft it feels like velvet on your face! It also gives me the most flawless finish with a brush that I have been able to find. Lastly, one of my other favorite things is that it has a thick handle that makes it easy to control.

I have tried brushes from many different companies. I have quite a few MAC brushes and I honestly get so much fall out from them that it is crazy! But I love the numbering/ naming system they have. Sigma has a similar system which I love! If you read my posts and watch my videos you know that I am an all time lover of Chanel. It's my favorite makeup brand. However I own some of their brushes and still seem to reach for my sigma brushes. 

I have the Chanel foundation brush #6 which is $45! That is pretty steep, I did receive it as a gift. The Sigma F80 is $18 and I would trade the Chanel brush any day to get the Sigma brush. It is so much better! I picture my brushes as tools. Like anyone else, I assume, I want to get the must/best product for the best price. I get that with Sigma brushes. It does not shed, it applies foundation and cream products flawlessly, it has a great price, and it is by far my favorite foundation brush!

I can't wait to get my hands on some more Sigma brushes!! I am saving up to buy some of the kits because I think it is a better deal. They are great for starters or even for people with tons of brushes already! 

I have used this brush everyday for about the past two years! I have three "foundation" brushes, the typical looking foundation brush. The Chanel, a Prescriptives (spelling? it is an older brand!) one, and I did have a Clinique one. I personally like the flat top better because it covers more area better and is easy to buff in. Overall it is my favorite foundation brush and has been for quite some time! 

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