Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Deets

I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday with their families and friends! I sure did! Santa treated me extra well this year and I got to spend time with all of my loved ones! I wanted to share a few snapshots of our Christmas!

This year I learned how to make bows! So that basically means that every present had one on it (which is such a bad thing, it just takes some extra time). I was also obsessed with this combination of plaid paper with gold bows!

Jay always spoils me (way to much) and this year he got me a new desk for Christmas! I can't wait to organize everything and get it ready for working! I will be sure to do a post all about it when it's ready!

Lately I have been completely obsessed with bar carts! They are so cute and you can dress them up for every season and holiday. When my mom and I were setting up for Christmas dinner, we decided to put the wine and some cookies out on her bar cart (ish table-thingy, lol)! I love the way that it turned out! It was so perfect.

Obviously, it is known that I am addicted to makeup. I have been dying to try out some more makeup from the Tom Ford line. Needless to say, Jay and my parents delivered and I am so thankful they did! Jay also added in the Christian Louboutin rouge nail polish and the rents blessed me with a Louis Vuitton makeup/toiletries bag!

Worm is worn out from all of the commotion but thankful that Santa didn't forget him! He is loving all of his new toys and his new favorite blanket from his grandma.

My mom always decorates our house so pretty. She is so talented and just has an eye for good decorating. She usually does our tree in fruit and but this year she did red, gold and silver balls! She spent so much time decorating the tree. In the middle of December, she got really sick (with pneumonia and bronchitis) and she still continued to decorate our tree. She put the lights on with zip ties and it looked so beautiful! She is the best momma ever!

If you know me you know I'm crazy over animals, especially the puppies. I decided this year to donate my charity money to my local animal shelter and I went shopping for all kinds of puppy goodies (food, treats, toys, owls and etc.,). That really put me into the Christmas spirit and help me remember the true meaning of Christmas. I decided to make dog treats for all of the pups in the family and worms friends too! I will do a post soon on the easy recipe I used! 

I cannot wait for the upcoming year and I already have ideas for blogposts that are soon to come! If you have any requests please let me know! I will have full reviews of some of the items I received for Christmas. I can't wait to share some goodies I got with you all! 

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