Monday, December 15, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide: Best Reads 2014

As I have gotten older, my love for reading has increased majorly. I used to absolutely despise reading. I would do anything to get out of reading (and still sometime do when its school work). However, I really enjoy to sit down with a good book and unwind, whenever I have a free moment! Books are an inexpensive way to learn, decorate and escape. I decided to make a gift guide, or should I say- book guide, of some of my favorite reads from this year! I included some books that are on my Christmas List this year, as well as some other books that are rated to be the best reads of this year!

Books make a great gift. Whether they are something more personal, informational or even a great coffee table fashion book! Everyone-or at least most everyone- loves a great book! I hope that this post is helpful to you in finding a gift for someone you need to shop for!

What was your favorite read of 2014? 

I would love to know your reccomendations!

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