Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide: For Your Pup!

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If you read my blog, or more importantly, follow me on Instagram you know that I am absolutely obsessed and completely in love with my dog worm. Jay and I got Worm 4 short years ago and he has been the light of our life since! I know it's a bit extreme, but this little guy has completely stolen our hearts and just has so much personality! He is so loving and just fun to be around. The holiday's are the holiday's without family, love and laughter. All three of those things can be found around worm. 

I hope that all of you have, or have had, the joy of having a dog in your family. Pets bring so much joy to a family and should be taken good care of. They love with all they have and rely on us to feed them and help to keep them healthy! Our little worm is so spoiled and love his toys, he literally treats them like they are his babies! So every year we like to get him more toys and of course a few little treats! 

Since most of us are pet lovers, I thought I would share a little gift guide for our pups! I hope that you enjoy this gift guide and find it helpful in picking out the right treat for your pup (or even you ;) ).

Happy Holidays!

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