Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Koozie Advent Calendar {DIY}

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As strange as it may sound, advent calendars are a new tradition for me. Growing up, I didn't really have that many. Meeting Jay changed my involvement with advent calendars, in fact, I have had one every year since I met him! With that being said, this year I decided to get a little more creative and give a DIY  ago. I am not really DIY  person, generally I feel that it is just much easier, cheaper and more effective to go out and purchase whatever you are trying to make. 

With that in mind, it is obvious that I am not very crafty. I just thought that having a koozie advent calendar would be fun and different. I like to collected koozies and there is no discrimination here! I have all sorts of brands, colors, free and expensive koozies! I hope that all of you college girls and koozie lovers out there enjoy this post and share it with a friend!

All you will need is 25 koozies, some clothes pins (and glitter if you want to decorate them)

Some Ribbon

A paper plate will come in handy for an easy cleanup!

To make the glittery clothes pins:

Apply some glue to the pins (the stronger the better)!

Add some glitter and tap off the excess.

Allow them to sit and dry a while.

As for attaching the ribbon to the wall, I use Command Strip hangers however use whatever you feel comfortable with (I have had some difficulty with them). 

Once the ribbon is attached to the wall simply pin the koozies to the ribbon and fill with your favorite candy or special item!

I decided fill my advent calendar with York peppermint patties, but if you want to fill yours with Miller Light or a little bubbly go right ahead (lol).

Sailor's Delight :)

 I can't wait to reuse these sparkly clothes pins for another project!

Ocean Palm is a local Lilly Pulitzer store where I like to shop for all of my favorite Lilly items!

This picture is just perfection, right? Vineyard Vines. Fraternity Collection. Vineyard Vines.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it inspirational! I feel like I turned my bedroom into a bit of a frat house, but HEY it was fun!!  

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions and how to reinvent them! 

P.S. Sorry for posting this so late in December, exams have been killer!

See you soon!

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