Monday, June 15, 2015

5 Tips for Improving your Workspace

*All photos take by Jay Parlett
Getting motivated is usually a struggle for me. I have had to accept the facts, I need a little push! But, by using these few tips I am able to get things done and enjoy myself while doing so! 

My workspace/desk is not completely the way I want it yet, there is still some decorating to do, but I am hoping to share the space when it is finished [if you want to see it]! I love pretty stationary and desk accessories and use them to help motivate me. Also, I love spending hours on Pinterest hunting out new ideas! So today I wanted to share a few of my tips for getting the most productivity out of your of my workspace. Whether I am studying for school/doing homework, blogging or emailing, I want my time spent at my desk to be productive and enjoyable! 

Everything has a place
Keep everything organized and in it's place. When everything has a home, and stays where it should, you can easily find everything you need and as a result work more efficiently. I like to have acrylic divers in my desk drawers to separate everything and keep it organized. My monogram pencil holder [from Design Darling]  houses all of my favorite pens!

Open spaces help clear your mind
In order to increase efficiency, and for me just not have a panic moment, keep the workspace clean is a must. Clear and clean workspace helps to clear the mind and allow for new and creative ideas! Although I need a little push to keep things organized and clean, I go crazy if they aren't. I have to have a clean space, I basically can't function without it.

Decorate with things that inspire you
Of course, us girly girls need our decor pieces. Too many "knick-knacks" can be dangerous, but I feel there is definitely a need for personalization in your workspace. Monogram accessories and always go and Kate Spade makes the best desk necessities. By having cute work supplies, I am more inspired to spend more time working. Adding a cute lamp or a nice little storage box are great ways to enhance your workspace and make it look cute as well!

Write it down
As I have become more experienced, and with the help of Jay, I have found how helpful making lists are! I write any and everything down that I need to remember, or even just random ideas. It is so helpful and I am able to actually get more done because I just loving checking things off of my to-do list! Plus, getting personalized stationary is the best! 

Comfort is Key
While having cute decor and accessories inspire me to work harder, comfort is key. Being comfortable is necessary for productivity. It is important to have a comfortable chair, good lighting and a reasonable temperature. Keep in mind that functionality is important as well. Cute desk accessories, such as a stapler, should be fully functional and work well. Looking nice is great, but if something does not perform he function it is supposed to it will only decrease productivity! 

Finding a good balance is important!
Some of my favorite workspace accessory shops/brands:
Rachel George [a must!]
Design Darling [a must!]

I hope that you have find these tips helpful! What are your must have's for your workspace?



  1. I love these little tips! Such a great post! And the ginger jar inspired lamps are perfect!

    Kristyn Cole
    Contrast of Effect

    1. Thank you so much! I love those lamps:)

  2. I love these tips! Makes me want to go organize my desk!