Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Five: Home Chat, Kitchen Essentials

As you know, Jay and I are beginning the process of building a home! I am so excited and can't wait to start working on it! We are still currently getting all of our permits, which can be quite the headache, but I am still driving of interior [and exterior] design, appliances and of course decor items!

Since I like to keep Friday Five's about my week, kind of like a "What has been on my mind / What I have been doing / What I am loving" type of deal. I thought that this week I would share some home inspiration and "Wish Listed" items! I am trying to do as much research as possible and try to shop for small things early, and along the way! Hopefully by the time we move it we will at least have a a few things!

This Dining Room and Kitchen Tour from the Fashionable Hostess is a must see! So gorgeous! I can't wait to see her new home!

Image via Crate and Barrel Website

I would like for our regular dinner plates, that we will use daily, to be plain white. I feel like these just look cleaner and simpler that way! I am really liking these from Crate and Barrel, however I want to check out the true quality before I buy. This page on the Barefoot Contessa website is very helpful!

Washer shown here. Image via Samsung Website

This week I have kind of [I'm not quite certain yet] fallen in love with these new Samsung Washer and Dryers! Jay would like to have a top load, and my mom also recommend them, even though they are a little old fashioned. Hey, if they work, they work!

Image via West Elm Website
I saw this rug at West Elm a few weeks ago, and slowly fell in love with it! Now I keep seeing it everywhere, literally Instagram is killing me! I love how it is is so soft, but still isn't like crazy shag or something!

Image via Williams-Sonoma Website
I'm not exactly sure why, but for some reason, I am so excited doubt buying a Kitchen Aid mixer! I rarely ever use my moms, I just use the small electric hand mixer, but I have just been so obsessed lately! I love this one, with the glass bowl. I really like the champagne and toffee color, but for some reason I feel like it would be better to just have black or white. What are your thoughts?
Plus they are currently on sale at Williams-Sonoma!

I hope that you have enjoyed getting to see a few items that have been occupying my mind lately! I am just so excited, I can't hold it all in! I hope that you have a great weekend. I am off to try to knock out a paper, but have no drive to get it done! Wish me luck!

What are you favorite/must- have kitchen essentials?!

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