Wednesday, January 28, 2015

How to Build a Bar Cart

I am so excited about today's post! I am completely OBSESSED with bar carts! I think they are a fun and great way to change up  a small space in your home, or for me my bedroom (lol)! I recently asked my mom if it was acceptable to have a bar car in the hallway of my bedroom. She looked at me like I was absolutely crazy.

What can I say, I just love me a bar carts! My 21st birthday is this Saturday (January 31, 2015) so I felt like this post was appropriate for this week!

The decor, bubbly and a bundle of fresh flowers make a bar cart my version "heaven on earth".  Of course, for my cart I went with few of my favorite color schemes: gold, blue and white and of course pink! Bar carts are a great addition to your home because you can make them your own. Add whatever liquor, champagne, sparkling water, or juice is your favorite! Even if you don't drink you can still mix it up with some sparkling lemonade or any other fancy nonalcoholic drink out there! Make your bar cart your own by adding whatever your style of decor is and, of course, you cannot forget the bar cart! I chose gold because... well you know why ;) Just have fun with it! You can even decorate these for different seasons or holidays! Throw on a few Easter eggs or some pink and red decor for Valentine's Day!

How to build the perfect bar cart:
Find your perfect cart
Don't forget Liquor, Champagne, Wine, Sparkling water, Juices etc.,
Include your necessary bar tools (shaker, ice bucket)
Have an assortment of glasses
Add a candle
Cocktail napkins are a must (and are so fun)
A cute hand towel is a great addition as well
Trays are a great way to organize the items on your cart
I just couldn't resist this "Call Me Old Fashioned" print
Fresh flowers always add elegance to any area so don't forget them!

I am hoping of getting a bar cart sometime soon, but until them I will enjoy getting inspiration from other people! 
Do you have a bar cart? What is your must have item for your bar car?

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