Friday, January 23, 2015

How to Make Fresh Flowers Last Longer

If you follow me on Instagram you should know just how much I love fresh flowers! Honestly, I love any and all different kinds of flowers. My favorite thing to do is pick up fresh flowers from a local grocery store like Trader Joes, the Fresh Market, or Whole Foods (only I don't have a Whole Foods close to me)! I just love to stare at the beautiful and colorful blooms and pick out my favorite bunch! In the spring and summer, I go to the local farmer's market and pick some up. 

Of course every girl loves a man to send her flowers, and mine always sends the most beautiful (love you jay ;) but there is just something special, to me, about picking up a small bunch of fresh tulips or white roses! However, any flowers are not necessarily cheap so I always try to make them last as long as I can. With spring around the corner I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite tips on how to keep your fresh cuts looking fresh for as long as possible! 

1. Get flowers in water as soon as possible.
I am so bad about this! I often pick mine up when running errands and leave them in my back seat for two hours. Ir's best to get them in water as soon as you can, that's where they want to be! Carrying a cup, or vase, of water in your car isn't easy. So, you can just wet a paper towel and rubber band it around the cut of your flowers (the farmer's market always does this)!

2. Use a clean vase to put flowers in.
 This seems very tedious but it is important. It is necessary to make sure any leftover residue, from previous bouquets,  is out of the vase before place the new fresh flowers in it! You don't want to ruin your fresh bunch because of a nasty microorganism that is left from last time. So, give the vase a good scrub before adding your flowers!

3. Cut flower stems at an angle. 
Most all flowers need trimming so it's easy to add this step in! When you measure and cut your flowers to the height need for your vase, simply cut them at an angle instead of straight across. This helps the stems to take in more water helping the flower to stay healthier.

4. Add flower food, aspirin or sugar to the water mixture.
I use cool water for my flowers. If the flowers do not come with flower food add a crushed aspirin or a little sugar to the water. I always use a crushed aspirin but I have also heard that sugar helps as well!

5. Change water every few days or more if needed.
Change the water in the flowers every few days, or everyday, when needed. This helps to keep the flowers healthy and rid of anything that may have fallen into the water that can hurt life of your flowers.

6. Cut any branches with leaves that will fall into the water.
Allowing the leaves of the flower to lay in the water will dirty the water and kill the flowers. By cutting the branches and leaves off of the flower it helps to extend the life of the flowers in the vase!

7. Keep flowers out of direct sunlight.
Keep the flowers out of direct sunlight and in a cool place. I like to set mine in my bathroom, on my bedside table, on my desk or in the kitchen! Try to keep them away form direct sunlight. 

Flowers are so beautiful and always make me so happy! They remind of how beautiful the simple things in life are and how beautiful Gods creations are! Be sure to enjoy your flowers but looking at them, smelling them and (if you're like me) share them on Instagram, Twitter, etc,. Be sure to tag me so I can see!

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did making it! 
What are your most favorite flowers?

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