Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Classic Black Handbag

I'm pretty sure that I have probably discussed handbags, or my dream handbags, before. But, we are going to talk about them again...and again... and again. Sorry! I love handbags, shoes, makeup, skincare, jewelry and all other accessories! I am ALL ABOUT THE ACCESSORIES end of story. Recently I have been wanting to add to my handbag collection and can't seem to come to a reasonable and likable pick. I mean, there are so many bags out there. We are all "Workin' for a Birkin" obviously! Unfortunately, we are not all Dorothy Wang or Kim Kardashian (we can still pretend though right *wink wink). 

With that in mind, I have picked four classic black totes that range from affordable to more higher end. I really would love a Celine bag, but they are still out of my price range. The Saint Laurent Paris Sac de Jour (in the small size) is my number one pick, but have also been thinking about a Prada bag as well. They are both very classic, the Prada is probably more classic than the Saint Laurent bag, but the Sac de Jour is just so fab! What's a girl to do?

Tory Burch is always classic, affordable and still an up to date option! I love how she incorporates trendy fashion prints with classics and yet still keeps her items affordable. I always aim for simple and classic fashion. It may not be the most hip, but a nice investment will last longer than something that is more trendy. I'm not sure when or which bag I will end up deciding to add to my collection, but when I do I will be sure to share!

What is your favorite handbag or your collection?
 Do you own any of these bags? 
Which is your favorite?!

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  1. I have the Prada and love it. It's a very timeless bag!