Monday, January 5, 2015

Goals for 2015

Happy 2015!! I have not written since I came down with a little sickness that is finally, thank god, gone! I hope you had a wonderful new year and I wish you a happy and healthy year! 

I have spent the first week of 2015 sick and tired. Resting and getting better has been my number one priority and it has been nice to just focus on my body for a few days. I am now feeling much better and ready to jump into 2015 with some new goals and resolutions! 

I began cleaning out my closet before the I got sick and I am continuing to work on it now! I am getting rid of everything that doesn't fit, has any damage, I don't wear or no longer like. I always feel guilty for getting rid of so many nice clothes but they aren't helping anyone else out by me saving them and not wearing them. I have decided to donate everything including shoes, handbags and jewelry! Maybe later on down the road I will sell things I don't use, but for now I am going to give them to someone who needs them. 


I wanted to share this post to wish you a happy new year  and share some of my goals for 2015!

1. Study the bible and pray more (I already ordered a new bible study book, more to come later!)
2. Eat more vegetables, more fruit, less meat and drink more water
3. Pay more attention to the quality, consistency and content of my blog
4. Read at least one book every 2 months
5. Take care of my body and skin
6. Spend more time on my school work (#getthemAs)
7. Work on my organization and procrastination (these two go hand in hand for me)
8. Not hold onto things I don't use or need
9. Have more patience
10. Rely less on technology (iPhone, instagram, Facebook, twitter and pinterest)

What are your goals for 2015?

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