Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Spring Fashion Wish Wist

I don't know about you, but I am so ready for SPRING! Warm weather cannot come soon enough and VA keeps getting more, and more, snow. I am ready to get a little Vitamin D, sip something fruity and spend my days on a beach or boat!

I am also very excited about Spring fashion for some reason this year. Monday's post was all about my favorite spring nail polishes {see that here} and today I am sharing with you some of the items I have my eyes on for spring! I am a neutral color gal, #duhh, but I love how spring pastel shades have color yet are still rather neutral. Of course this couldn't be a spring fashion post without some Lilly Pulitzer so I had to include these cute scallop shorts! I already own a pair of Lilly scallop shorts and love them. They add a femine and chic touch to plain shorts!

I am also really loving these Vince basic tee's, they are my perfect t-shirt and everything Vince makes is so comfortable and luxurious. However, I must say $85 is a bit  steep for a t-shirt.  I have been thinking about purchasing these Joie trousers in the color black, but how fab are these white ones!!

I feel like the Chanel Espadrilles have really brought the whole sneaker/flats back into action and I must say that these Tory Burch "look a-likes" are much more budget friendly! I really love those and the grey Vince sneakers! I have been contemplating adding a pair to my shoes collection but can't make a decision on which one I like more? They are both so perfect and I feel like they could really last from spring to fall with most outfits! I am also loving white Converse's! Who isn't? They have made a complete comeback and are officially the "new" (?) thing, even though they are definitely old school!

I cannot wait to start shopping for a few pieces to add to my collection for spring and most of all I cannot wait for warmer weather! What items are you looking out for this spring?


  1. Great post. I picked up a pair of the Tory espadrille this Spring and just love them. Of course I'm pretty "Tory Crazy" for any of her shoes.

    1. Thank you!! I love tory Burch as well! I am dying for a pair of espadrilles, I just can't decide which one's to go with! Thank you of stopping by!

    2. Hope you find the perfect pair. I only have 2 pairs of TB espadrille, the rest of my Tory's are sandals flats and boots.
      Thanks for sharing your wonderful posts.
      If you are interested in seeing all my Tory's you can check out my tiny blog here.
      I have commented on some of your YouTube posts before so you likely already know this but in case you don't know, I'm a guy.

      Again, thanks for sharing your great blog and posts.