Thursday, May 21, 2015

White Denim

I am so happy that summer is almost here! However, Va has been "hot, hot, hot" lately so light colored clothing has been my bestie. I loved this outfit combination last summer and it is so easy to dress up or down! 

Pairing this outfit with sandals and a braid makes it perfect for daytime activities. But, adding my nude patent Christian Louboutin simple pumps and made some curls to my hair and some fun jewlrey, transforms this into the perfect date night look! I love its versatility and how the light colors keep me much cooler when the weather is steamy. Va humidity is a real you know what. At least we are getting some good rain today, and of course, some nap time is required!

I have been wanting to add another pair of white jeans into my collection, because I just love these so much! I think deserted skinny white jeans would deb a great addition to my closet. 

Yesterday, I went a little cray at the Loft and purchased an all navy wardrobe that included a few pieces that are a very unusual for my style! I can't wait to style them and share them on the blog!



  1. This outfit is SO cute! I absolutely love the detailing on the top :)


    1. Thank you so much!! It is one of my favorites!! <3